ExpertDiagnostic© : Get your organization moving

    ExpertDiagnostic is a proven methodology to ensure the full commitment of your management team. The objective is to produce realistic action plans fully supported by the entire organization within a well-controlled process that guarantees tangible results. Any ExpertDiagnostic experience is also a fundamental and very revealing communication and mobilisation exercize.

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    Managing change effectively (in French)

    Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. The field of change management grew from the recognition that behaviors of people make up the outputs of an organization. As a multidisciplinary practice, organizational change requires: creative marketing to enable communication between change audiences, but also deep social understanding about leadership styles and group dynamics. As a visible track on transformation projects, organizational change management aligns groups' expectations, communicates, integrates teams and manages people training. It makes use of metrics, such as leader's commitment, communication effectiveness, and the perceived need for change to design accurate strategies. In order to avoid change failures and solve troubled change projects, an effective change management plan needs to address all above mentioned dimensions.

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    OptiValue© : Align your IT spend with your business strategy

    IT is one of the major costs for a business and yet is allowed to operate without the usual cost controls imposed on other departments. 54% of IT projects fail to meet their requirements. Methodologies and tools to judge the value of IT spend without specialist IT knowledge are just not around. Tolerance by senior management of the frequency with which IT projects fail to achieve their expected business value is the clearest symptom of this shortfall. OPTIVALUE helps produce IT plans and budgets that consistently support business strategies. OPTIVALUE actively involves the CFO, the CIO and the rest of the management team in implementing process and culture changes that explicitly link IT investments and business strategic intentions.

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    Systems can help you develop a self-learning organization

    You would like to encourage your resources develop their effectiveness by investing personal efforts in self-training? Ensure results by using state-of-the-art self-assessment techniques! ExpertSelect has specific experience in the development and implementation of systems that will help your organization become a self-learning one. The systems we put in place also generate many side-benefits for our clients.

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    ProcOptim© : Drastically improve the performance of your procurement organization and achieve substantial cost savings

    ProcOptim is a proven methodology that achieves significant, though realistic savings, following a rigourous process. With ProcOptim, ExpertSelect commits to results by tying its remuneration to tangible results. A ProcOptim experience provides a unique opportunity to realign your performance against the best performing benchmarks in the market.

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    A business portfolio approach to managing human capital

    - Become more agile and flexible through the outsourcing of non-core resources
    - Contract SLA agreements with suppliers of support services, using highest efficiency/lowest cost as criteria
    - Carefully select and negotiate on other terms long term strategic alliances important to support the achievement of strategic goals
    - Evolve from a vertical / functional / hierarchical to an horinzontal / project / competence-based / network-type organizational structure
    - Implement a meritocracy-based system of values to ensure loyalty of resources essential to core business objectives
    - Ensure experience curve effects are internalized and secured
    - Assign a value to human capital and monitor as one of the company's key assets.

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    ExpertReach© : The REACH regulation entered into force in June 2007 - Do YOU comply ?

    REACH addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment. It has been described as the most complex legislation in the European Union's history and the most important in 20 years : it will indeed affect industries throughout the world. REACH entered into force in June 2007, with a phased implementation over the next decade. When REACH is fully in force, it will require all companies manufacturing or importing chemical substances into the European Union in quantities of one ton or more per year to register these substances with a new European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in Helsinki, Finland. Because REACH applies to some substances that are contained in objects, any company importing goods into Europe may be affected.

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    HRCheckUp© : Align your people with your organization (in French)

    HRCHeckUp is a proven methodology that will help you (re)align your people with your organization. Is each individual the right man or woman in the right place? Where do you stand in terms of team performance? How can you strengthen loyalty and the sense of belonging of your employees? Do the values and objectives of your company reflect in attitudes and behaviors? At any point in time these are questions every company comes across!

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    MiniCoach© : get yourself back on track! (in French)

    MiniCoach is designed to help managers in a transition phase to plan the next step in their career. Objective is to uncover the fundamental aspirations and potentialities of an individual faced with the need or the desire to reorient his/her career, and help him/her structure an executable action plan. The role of the Coach is to act as a mirror and help the person coached take distance. By enabling him or her to adopt a fresh point of view, clear actions to be taken emerge naturally. The Coach focuses both on the individual and the situation he/she is faced with. His objectives are to help find a solution that builds realistically on the individual's potentialities and also transfer to him or her a strong motivation to act. The purpose of a Coach is not to transfer knowledge as would be the case in a training approach. A Coach acts more as a revealing agent. He will also force you into a positive momentum. He listens carefully but will never judge what you say, so that you can speak in full confidence and without restriction. A Coach will 'simply' confront you with your own ideas. By forcing you to analyse in depth the statements you make, he helps you structure your mind and produce a realistic action plan as a result of the process. MiniCoach is a short undertaking: no longer than a few hours over 1 to 3 sessions. Following metaphor illustrates best the approach: your car is bogged down; you have tried everything you could to free yourself from the mud, but your wheels are turning loose, making the problem even worse. What you need is just someone to pull you out of the rut. You will then drive on with no further need for an instructor at your side. A MiniCoach project always ends with the submission of a short report summarizing points discussed, solutions explored, new objectives set and the action plan agreed upon.

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    • ExpertDiagnostic© : Get your organization moving
    • Managing change effectively (in French)
    • OptiValue© : Align your IT spend with your business strategy
    • Systems can help you develop a self-learning organization
    • ProcOptim© : Drastically improve the performance of your procurement organization and achieve substantial cost savings
    • A business portfolio approach to managing human capital
    • ExpertReach© : The REACH regulation entered into force in June 2007 - Do YOU comply ?
    • HRCheckUp© : Align your people with your organization (in French)
    • MiniCoach© : get yourself back on track! (in French)

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